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A Three-State Partnership to Bring Clean Energy to the Nation

HALO Hydrogen Hub

In response to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will invest up to $7 billion into the development of regional clean hydrogen hubs, Governors Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, John Bel Edwards of Louisiana, and Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma announced a bipartisan three-state partnership, known as the HALO Hydrogen Hub, to compete for funding set forth in IIJA.

Arkansas state seal

"In Arkansas, we have a growing and diverse energy portfolio and natural resources vital to any successful regional hub. We are the proud home of prominent partners and companies critical to U.S. commerce with a strong history of environmental leadership and track records of reducing emissions. We are excited to partner with our neighbors in Louisiana and Oklahoma to put forward a winning application."

– Governor Hutchinson

Louisiana state seal

"The state of Louisiana, as well as our partner states in this effort, have a long history of producing and transporting fuels and feedstocks in liquid and gas forms, as well as a significant population of industrial end users with potential to make use of hydrogen as fuel or as part of manufacturing processes. This is an extension of Louisiana’s ongoing efforts in diversifying the makeup of our energy sources and ensuring an economically and environmentally balanced approach to the cleaner use of traditional fuels and a transition to new potential energy sources."

– Governor Edwards

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"Oklahoma is honored to join in forming this partnership, not because of convenience, or necessity, but rather because we share a similar vision and goals for the production, use, and economic impact that can result from creating this hydrogen economy. Like our partners, we believe that creating as many end-use cases for commercialization with as many private partners is the quickest and best mechanism to spur real demand for this clean energy. The resources and opportunities in Oklahoma are complementary to our partners and tailor made for a diverse hub application to compete with others around the country."

– Governor Stitt

Press Release: HALO Hydrogen Hub Encouraged to Submit Full Application to DOE.

View the Hydrogen Hub Agreement among Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

View a welcome letter from Jason Lanclos, the HALO Hub’s Proposal Leader.

About the Opportunity


On November 15, 2021, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, commonly referred to as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The law emphasizes that hydrogen “plays a critical part in the comprehensive energy portfolio of the United States” and can be produced from a variety of clean sources, including renewables and fossil fuels with carbon capture utilization and storage.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will appropriate up to $7 billion to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the development of regional clean hydrogen hubs that demonstrate the production, processing, delivery, storage, and end-use of clean hydrogen. The ultimate goal is the creation of a network of clean hydrogen producers, potential clean hydrogen consumers, and connective infrastructure located in close proximity that ultimately intersect and remain sustainable after the DOE’s grants expire.

Path Forward

The HALO Hub’s initial concept proposal was formally submitted to DOE in November of 2022. 79 hydrogen hubs submitted initial proposals, and DOE encouraged 33 hubs, including the HALO Hub, to submit Full Applications to receive up to $1.25 billion in federal funding.

On April 6, 2023, the HALO Hub submitted its Full Application, which demonstrates the three-state coalition’s assets across all parts of the hydrogen value chain, from feedstock to production, transportation and delivery, storage, and end-use. DOE announced hydrogen hub finalists in October 2023, and the HALO Hub was not selected to receive funding through the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs program. Members of the HALO Hub are continuing to seek ways to leverage the partnerships that have been established through this effort.

Our Approach

The HALO Hub’s approach is to employ public-private partnerships that lead to deployment and development of an extensive hydrogen network in the three constituent states, ultimately to be integrated into the national hydrogen network. HALO goals support transformative technologies and investments that will drive lower costs and increase adoption of hydrogen to reduce carbon and other emissions.


The scope of the HALO Hub is broad and inclusive, meant to catalyze widespread production and adoption of hydrogen for a variety of appropriate end-uses in the medium and long term. The participants comprise all parts of the value chain, from feedstock to production, transportation and delivery, storage, and end-use.

Community Benefits

The HALO Hub is committed to implementing the four core elements of a Community Benefits Plan in the selection, design, and implementation of the HALO Hub portfolio of projects:

  • Support meaningful community and labor engagement
  • Invest in America’s workforce with H2Go!
  • Advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility
  • Contribute to Justice40 Initiative

These efforts will create quality jobs, drive equitable and inclusive economic opportunities, improve environmental outcomes through reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) and non-GHG emissions, and establish the HALO Hub as a model for replication across the U.S.

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality partnered with its Arkansas and Louisiana counterparts to create a GIS map highlighting community factors critical to DOE’s Hydrogen Hub program. To explore this interactive tool, visit the link below.

HALO Hub Community Benefits Map
graphic conveying the public-private partnership approach that HALO is using


The HALO Hub encompasses a strong, diverse network of stakeholders representing the future of hydrogen production, transport, storage, and utilization. We would like to thank the following stakeholders for investing and participating in efforts to establish the HALO Hub.

Lift Off Stakeholders

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Catalyst Stakeholders

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Regenerative Stakeholders

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Additional Supporters

We appreciate the support of the following participants from all parts of the hydrogen value chain.

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We welcome additional participation and support from all segments of the low-carbon hydrogen market. Learn more about ways you can get involved: HALO Support Opportunities

Learn More

To learn more about the HALO Hydrogen Hub’s efforts and to stay informed about new developments occurring in the three-state region, please send us a message.

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